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Top sources of VC, Angel, Equity, Debt and Venture Debt to support your company’s R&D or growth objectives.

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  • $10k – $100K – (Price USD$750)
  • $100k – $1M – (Price USD$1500)
  • $1M – $10M – (Price USD$3000)
  • $10M+  – (Price USD$5000)

Full range of incentives, foundation funding, or private capital to support activities across your industry, enterprise or region.

Seeking (Funding Tier)

  • $10k – $10M+  (Price USD$25,000)

We assign the top grant writers to prepare winning applications for your organization and have a success rate of over 90%

Seeking (Funding Tier)

  • $10k – $100K – (Price USD$5000)
  • $100k – $1M – (Price USD$7500)
  • $1M – $10M – (Price USD$10000)
  • $10M+  – (Price USD$15000)

We audit, rank and make recommendations on your materials to improve your outcomes with investors and funders.

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We Do Not Involve In The Amount Negotiation With Investors. This Means You And The Investor Have 100% Control Of The Deal

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Now Meeting Investors Can Mean You Have Only One Shot To Get It Right, Which Is Why We Provide Our Clients With Top Resources To Close Deals More Effectively

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Flat Rate

Our Fees Are Flexible And Have Been Designed In A Way To support Companies At All Stages

Evaluation & Recommendations

Before We Do Business With Any Client, We Are Certain We Can Help Before We Proceed. Our Specialist Will Provide You With Various Options And Other Types Of Funding Your Company Could Qualify For

What We Can Do For You

Guaranteed Investor Connection

Once you are approved we guarantee at least one (1) meeting with an investor according to your business needs.

  • After your meeting is setup, you have 100% control and responsibility of negotiating a good deal for your company.

Get Investor Insights & Reports

Our system will send you a bi-weekly report on the investors that accepted or rejected your deal via email.

  • We help companies deal with operational matters of the company while we focus on the fundraising matters

Save Time & Money

With a vast network of technology investors in different sectors, We do it for you to save you the terrible feeling of rejection and time loss during this critical periods.

  • We help companies deal with operational matters of the company while we focus on the fundraising matters
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Raise $20K - $100M+

It’s Easy, Lets Get Started