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Business plan for tech startups at tech investor network

Download 'The Recommended Custom Tailored Business Plan Guide PDF'

Investment applications require the submission of a business plan. This outline is provided as a recommended guide, and as an investment service provider we understand that some early stage enterprises may not be able to complete all sections until they are operating or in a position to obtain certain kinds of information.

Business plan for tech startups at tech investor network
Tech Investor Network Custom Tailored Business Plan
Early stage Funding For Tech Companies

Download The 'Pitching To Investors Presentation PDF'

Pitch delivery to investors emphasize on a unique a business idea presentation showcasing solutions to a problem, high profit margins, and a scalable business model.

What is a startup?

A startup is a business structure created to sell a new or improved product, service or technology that solves a relevant problem. In general it has:

• A dedicated founder

• Concept validation, such as a prototype or beta version

• A business plan with realistic growth strategy

• A strategy to protect trade secrets, such as patents, copyrights or registered industrial designs 

Since technology and innovation is our business, we encourage individuals to develop their ideas and submit their business plan to us when they are investment-ready or contact us to get started.

If you are investment-ready, we will ask you for your business plan. If you are not investment-ready, we can help create a custom tailored business plan and point you to organizations with programs and/or funding for developing early stage companies.

If you are wondering whether your business is investment-ready or fits with our investment service practices, call us at (365) 338-3391 or email