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We have a network of 5000+ technology investors in Canada And in United States of America. Once your process begins we will send you a list of angel investors, business incubators and venture capitalists we have connected with your business.

Business information shared with Tech Investor Network, including business plans, financial statements, current and previous investors, and all other business related information is 100% Confidential and never shared with clients or third parties without your permission and consent. 

Please fill in the information below using your best knowledge of your company and follow the instructions sent to your email.

5000+ Investors

Tech Investor Network represents early stage to mid stage tech companies looking for investors

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Due Diligence

We know what investors are looking for, so we will help you structure properly

Funding Preparation

Our network of investors would like to know you're prepared for funding. Our specialist will help you prepare for the meeting we set up for you.

Deal Negotiation

Negotiating deals can be tricky, many businesses don't get funded because they negotiate wrongly. With us, your problem is solved

Angel Investor and Venture Capitalist Funding Search

Our clients range from FTSE 300 companies, to large charitable organisations and some small local businesses who are striving to expand. Most of our clients use our Data Analysis service to inform their strategic decision making and their targets for the immediate, mid-term and long-term future.

The data sources that we use for this type of analysis include customer enquiry data, sales figures, costs, market data and customer feedback.

Startup Funding Consultation

We have over 20 years of consultancy experience in this area of business and we strive to achieve the following: develop, empower, enable and maintain.

We understand that nothing is more important than the emotional, financial and spiritual health of your family and business, through its many transitions. We are here to help you. The mission of Tech Investor Network is to provide the client with the best investor search possible, and help with any investment problems and fundraising suits required to get through a fundraising and search crisis.


Most frequent questions and answers

Appointments with potential investors are guaranteed. Closing the deal with investor is your responsibility.

We do not fund businesses. We set up appointments and meetings with our network of reputable investors and investor firms locally and internationally.

Your fee will be based on your level of readiness. Your designated specialist will provide you with your quote.

You will receive a receipt of your payment immediately and within 1 to 3 days your Investment specialist will contact you  to discuss the progress and next steps of your application, followed.

Yes, of course. Investors typically look at highly profitable businesses and if you believe your idea fits the criteria of a highly profitable tech business, and have a team that is capable of executing the project, then you have a great chance of getting funded.

In rare cases you can get funded. but we recommend you look for investment in the country you live in if you live outside Canada or United States.

Closing an investment deal with your investors is completely up to the processing time of the investor and investor firm. Typically it can take up to 2 to 16 weeks to see the funds in your bank account, but we have also seen deals closed in less than a week.

We can help you create a custom tailored business plan that investors need. Click the Custom tailored business plan at the top of the page to get your business plan started or you can read more on how to create a business plan blog post

Typically we do not engage in the investment process between you and any of the investors we set you up for an appointment with. Only in rare cases you, the business owner, requests our help. Email us at help@techinvestornetwork and request a funding raising service. A representative will contact you within 2 to 5 days to discuss further on your investment terms and deal negotiations.

We will set up appointment with several investors on your behalf to explain your company goals. You will decide who you will like to go with. In some cases we can help you make the right choices if you’re having a hard time making a selection.

We do our best to complete your custom tailored business plan within 10 business days. In some cases it may take longer but you will be informed ahead of time on the duration.

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