Get a custom tailored business plan with the help of our creative team including lawyers, accountants and marketers. Your custom tailored business plan will include all the components of your business structure, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, goals and a foolproof action plan which will play a key role in the decision making of investors and other interested business associates.

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Identify Business Strengths

We will help you identify and elaborate your business strengths with words investors look for

Identify Next Steps

Every business has a weakness, we will work with you to turn your business weakness as strengths and a competitive advatage

Market Intelligence

Our partnership with Canada Intelligence provides us with tremendous amount of data we will use to help you refine your goals


You will be provided with a free coy of our comprehensive SWOT analysis tool used by hundreds of tech companies to identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats against your company.

Stand Above The Crowd

Investors receive tons of business plans on a daily base. We prepare your business such a way that you are are several steps away from the average. In other words, we help you give your business plan spotlight

We Care About Your Company

Your success is our success, which is why we will assign your company to one of our specialist to who will become your main point of contact and ensure that you receive the best value for your money.


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Chairman of Agana Inc.
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Jeniffer Blackmoore
Founder of Blockchain firm
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6 Reasons To Take Advantage Of Tech Investor Network Custom Tailored Business Plan

1. Our commercial operational, financial and marketing plan due diligence will help you deliver accurate answers that will help you make all the important business decisions which reflects in your business plan.


2. Our due diligence will help you tackle the most complex requirements and help you secure the capital you need for your business


3. We proud ourselves with a quality, unique and professional business plan custom tailored to your specific requirements or investor requests. lenders, Institutional investors and Venture Capitals receive several business plans on a daily base, and if you need a firm to trust you with an investment capital you want a business plan that is great and stand out from the crowd.


4. Your business plan would be assigned to a team of professional specialist with experience in various subjects. This dedication is set up to facilitate and yield best results.


5. We are a dedicated technology business investment corporation based in United States & Canada with vast resources and a network of 5000+ investors


6. We offer the most affordable fees for tech companies looking to create or update a business plan.

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